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Message From Micah - Fraudulent Email

Dear Church Family,

Today, Joel Malone, our Chief Financial Officer at the church, received a fraudulent email requesting a wire transfer of funds and a request for contact from his personal email account. This email came from the account It was signed by Reverend Micah Nicolaus. This email is fraudulent. If you receive a similar email, or any email from this email, please do not respond and contact the church office. We are reporting this incident to local authorities and wanted you to be aware of the situation. We will never contact you by email for a wire transfer or any other financial transaction. We always take fiduciary responsibility seriously as we steward resources for the sake of God's kingdom. May God bless you richly as we continue to live into the deepest meaning of Christmas in the joyous news of the birth of Christ. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. God bless you all. Micah Nicolaus

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