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Recap: Blessing of the Children & Promotion Sunday

August 14 was a special Sunday for Central’s children! During the worship services, Micah and Audrey offered a time of Blessing of the Children and invited parents and grandparents to join the children at the altars for a time of laying their hands on the children and praying for them. Then the children were given an opportunity to lay their hands on their parents as they knelt at the altar while a prayer was prayed for them.

Promotion Sunday was a special celebration for all children during the Sunday School hour in the Pavilion. Tennessee Elite Gymnastic studio brought several of their coaches and gymnast and preformed some gymnastics and gave our kids an opportunity to participate. It was a fun time for our kids of all ages! It felt like we were at the Olympics! We learned that not everyone has the chance to go the Olympics to compete for a gold medal, a treasure many athletes desire to have. But, everyone has the opportunity to receive the greatest treasure and that treasure is Jesus. Come join us in Sunday School where you can learn more about this great treasure with other friends your age!

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