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5 Services On Christmas Eve - Learn More About Each!

This year, we will celebrate Christmas Eve on a Sunday. That means that five services will be offered throughout the entire day in preparation for Jesus Christ’s birthday. Although five services may seem a lot, each service will offer a very unique Christmas experience that speaks to an individual’s past and present. Our wish is that each person who enters Central will feel welcome and comfortable in a setting that is familiar and meets all expectations of what Christmas should be.

The holiday will begin with our modern and traditional services at 8:45am & 11am respectively. They will follow the same format and traditions we share each Sunday morning, yet these services will feed into the growing anticipation of Christ’s birthday that is to come.

Families, children, and those of all ages are invited back at 4:00pm to enjoy a service designed specifically to draw children into the Christmas story and compel them into a better understanding of this momentous occasion. This service stands apart because of its interactive learning, high energy, and the way it offers families a special opportunity to worship together through story, music, and teaching.

The 7:00pm service will include your favorite carols, special solos, a short meditation, and will finish with Silent Night by candlelight. Communion will be shared after the service to remember the sacrifice Christ gave to us when he was sent to die for our sins. This short service will not last longer than an hour, but will be filled with the sights and sounds of Christmas Eve.

Finally, at 11:00pm, join us for a special time of worship and communion to mark the arrival of Christmas Day. Experience simplicity and peace as we celebrate the birth of Jesus with anticipation. We hope each individual leaves with a sense of wonder and child-like faith in the greatness that is to be born on Christmas day.

We pray you will find a service this Christmas that draws you closer to Christ and encourages you deeper in your walk of faith. Stay up to date on all our Christmas events and services at

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