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SRSLY: Small Group


Has anyone ever said anything to you that shocked you? That make you think seriously? During this 7-week sermon series, we will examine Jesus’ statements from the Sermon on the Mount. These statements will challenge us and reveal what we truly believe.

Small Group Option

August 13 - September 24

Scott & Audrey will lead a 6-week sermon based small group option during Sunday school from 10-10:45am that goes deeper into applying the sermon text to life.

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SRSLY? Sermon Series Schedule

August 13

SRSLY?: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit?

August 20

SRSLY?: Turn the other cheek?

August 27

SRSLY?: Be Perfect?

September 3

SRSLY?: Can’t Serve God & Money?

September 10

SRSLY?: Do Not Worry?

September 17

SRSLY?: Do Not Judge?

September 24

SRSLY?: You Don’t Know Me?

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