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Celebration Weekend

Upcoming Events

2022 Missions

  • April 30 - Meal Packing​


  • May 1 - Missions Celebration Sunday

                      8:45 & 11am

Keynote Speaker: J.D. Walt


J.D. Walt is the chief sower and visionary for Seedbed. Located in Franklin, Tennessee, Seedbed is a collection of passionate visionaries who share a common love for Jesus Christ and the Wesleyan witness.  


J.D. is author of 20 books and the Seedbed Daily Text, used by thousands of people every day helping them engage with the word of God which leads to transformation.  


An ordained UMC elder, a former licensed attorney and songwriter, God is using J.D.’s leadership to sow for a great awakening in our country and world. We are pleased to welcome J.D. to Central! 

Keynote Speaker
Mission Guests


 During Sunday School Hour 
 Session 1 10:00-10:20am | Session 2 10:25-10:45am 

Cindy Black, Executive Director of Good Samaritan of Loudon County


GSC is a private, non-profit assistance ministry serving the emergency needs of those in need in Loudon County. Since 1997, the GSC was established as a central location for area churches to come together and pool their resources to assist those in need. Cindy will be speaking about the full extent of their ministry in Loudon County.

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Andrew and Abigail Jolley, Bridges International 


Andrew and Abigail work with Bridges International at the University of Tennessee with CRU. They focus on reaching international college students with the gospel of Jesus Christ and raising them up to share the gospel with their people groups. They will share about their work at UTK.

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John and Lisa Newman, Executive Director of Henderson Settlement


Located in Frakes, KY, Henderson Settlement seeks to create opportunities for better lives through Christ-Centered service. Through work camps, community outreach, agriculture, craft and thrift store, they seek to share the love of Christ with their community. John will share how Henderson Settlement is making a difference.

Lisa Newman, Henderson Settlement Craft Store


Local artisans receive a fair, ongoing income for their work and customers receive a unique item for a reasonable price. The craft store will be open Sunday from 8:15-8:45am and following early and late worship services.

Fout - partial edit (1).jpg

Les Fout, KARM (Knox Area Rescue Ministries)


Les has been blessed to serve KARM since August of 2020 as
their Senior Stewardship Advisor. He works with individuals, families
and business owners to determine if their philanthropic goals align with
KARM’s mission to rescue and restore the poor and needy in East


Külli Tõniste, President Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (BMTS), Tallin Estonia


In a live conversation via Skype, Külli Tõniste will share how the BMTS seminary is preparing Christian workers and leaders for ministry in the church as well as in Christian and charitable organizations. Külli will also share how current tensions in Ukraine are impacting and creating ministry opportunities.


JD WaltSower in Chief of Seedbed Publishing


Founded on January 6, 2012, Seedbed is a twenty-first century movement and media platform whose mission is to gather, connect, and resource the people of God to sow for a great awakening. Many at Central have participated in a Seedbed studies in recent years. JD will share how their mission is making a difference for the Kingdom.

Faith Promise

Faith Promise Giving For Missions

At Central UMC, we recognize and accept our role in spreading the gospel and love of Jesus Christ across the street and around the world. Over the last 30 years, many congregations have moved to Faith Promise Giving for Missions. In other words, they have taken their giving for missions out of their operating budgets. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Often when times were tough financially in the life of the church, often mission line items were reduced.

  2. Churches wanted their mission efforts to be more relational than simply a line item in the budget.

  3. Many attendees wanted to give to missions above their current level of giving.

The Faith Promise Missions Budget is funded by money given through the Faith Promise gifts made each year during our annual Missions Celebration. Many congregations have found that more laity have enjoyed increased excitement and involvement in missions through Faith Promise Giving.

What is Faith Promise Giving?

  1. A Faith Promise is simply a covenant between God and you. “I promise to trust God to give me ‘extra money’ that I can direct to missionary causes.” In a sense, you are simply making yourself a channel through which God can send money to missions. You dare to let God use your faith and your life to bless others on the mission field.

  2. Faith Promises do not tie to the church budget. This is entirely “extra” giving. “I have made a pledge to our church which I intend to keep, but this is over and above that. I am not taking money away from the church budget to give to missions. I am trusting God for extra money for missions.

  3. Faith Promise is very personal. It is not a pledge. There will be no names on either sections of the card. You will never be asked for your Faith Promise gift. If you make a gift by check or offering envelope and mark it Faith Promise of course you will see that amount show up on your giving statement as Faith Promise for Missions.

  4. Faith Promise is a means of growing in faith. When you see how God works in this venture of faith, you learn to trust Him even more in ALL areas of your life.


“...and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth” - Acts 1.8

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FaithPromise 2021
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