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Listening Groups

As many of you have heard, the United Methodist Church has been in disagreement on a number of issues, one of which is human sexuality. While there have been no changes currently to our Book of Discipline at the next General Conference in 2024, there may be changes that could have an effect on our local church. Many United Methodist churches at this time are discerning their next steps.


As your administrative council, we want you to be as informed as possible. Therefore, Pastor Scott, Pastor Audrey, as well as members of our council are inviting you to join one of 18 listening groups (from Jan 22 - Feb 9) lasting no more than 75 minutes to provide accurate information, to listen, and to answer questions. These listening groups will be at host homes and at the church, during the day, at night, and on Sunday afternoons.


While we realize these listening groups may not answer all your questions, we want to provide a venue for everyone to be heard in a relational environment. We invite you to participate and ask you to pray for God’s church and those who are leading us through these times and for us to God’s will.


-Your Administrative Council

January 22 ~ 2:30 & 4pm

January 24 ~ 2 & 6pm

January 25 ~ 11am & 7pm

January 29 ~ 2:30 & 4pm

January 31 ~ 2 & 6pm

February 1 ~ 11am & 7pm

February 5 ~ 2:30 & 4pm

February 7 ~ 2 & 6pm

February 9 ~ 11am & 7pm

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