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Churches Working Together

Creating Affordable Housing in Loudon County

Along with First Farragut United Methodist Church, Trinity United Methodist Church and Loudon United Methodist Church, we are partnering with Loudon County Habitat for Humanity in 2022-23 to help fill a need of affordable housing in Loudon County. In these divided times it's more important than ever to come together to shine the light of Christ.


We agree that shelter is a basic human need and that everyone deserves a simple, decent place in which to live and grow. One family is directly served bringing immediate stability through safe and affordable housing. Long term impact occurs through generational wealth building for the family and community. 

  • Who Are We?
    The people who call Central their church home come from many backgrounds. Some have never attended church before, others have previously attended another United Methodist church, and some have come from other denominations. What unites us is our need for God's love, grace and guidance for our lives as well as to make our community and world more like God's kingdom.
  • What Do We Believe?
    Central UMC is part of the United Methodist denomination, the second largest Protestant denomination in America. We seek to be generous, devoted to Jesus Christ, and wholly surrendered to God. We strive for personal holiness by inviting people into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We pursue social holiness in the public sphere by addressing key issues of our time so that our world will look more like the Kingdom of God. ​ United Methodists share a common heritage with other Christians, holding to the historic essentials of the Christian faith. We have a passionate faith with strong convictions. We are willing to ask questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, and to do so with grace and compassion. We are “people of the Book,” whose faith is firmly rooted in and built upon the scriptures. We hold the Bible to be divinely inspired and are committed to live by its words. ​ We believe the goal of the Christian life is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. From the beginning of the Methodist movement, we were known as “reasonable enthusiasts,” those who are both emotionally and intellectually engaged. We value passionate worship, relevant preaching, small groups to hold Christians accountable to one another, and serving those who are in need. We value the spiritual disciplines and take intentional spiritual growth seriously. United Methodists value the full participation of women and men in leadership within the church and society. ​ To learn more about our beliefs as United Methodists, go to or
  • What Should I Expect?
    You should expect to be warmly greeted and to feel right at home on your first visit. You’re certain to find friendly people you will like to get to know better. We believe you can engage at your pace and comfort level. Whether you’ve been to a church before or not, you’ll find that the worship service is simple to follow and the teachings are thoughtful and relevant to your life. We expect that at the end of the service, you’ll want to come back. ​ Our services vary in worship and music styles of traditional and modern contemporary worship. Find one that allows you to connect with God and feels like home.
  • What Should I Wear?
    Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If that means your “Sunday best” or blue jeans, we want you to be comfortable while we worship together.

For more information about Christmas at Central, visit

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