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Now That Faith Has Come: A Study of Galatians by Beth Moore and

Melissa Moore

Group Leader: Debbie Pratt
Length: 7 Weeks
Begins: Wednesday Sept 15 6:30pm Cost: Has Yet to be released

  • 7 Video Sessions with Beth Moore Online

  • Online Video Guide to Complete with Each Session

  • Dive Deeper with weekly homework written by Beth and Melissa

  • Bonus Podcast content with Beth and Melissa


Overview and Promo Video:

When Life is Hard by James McDonald

Group Leader: Danny Lantz

Length: 6 Weeks
Begins: Monday Sept 14 6:30pm

Cost: $20 for Book


​When life is hard—really hard—we often spend all our time pleading, begging, yelling, refusing, and questioning. While none of these things are necessarily unusual, they are missing the ultimate point. When life is hard, when things get ugly, when all hope seems to be lost... that is when we are able to display the superiority of God by leaning on His promises and truths.


Invitation: A Bible Study To Begin With
Group Leader: Pastor Scott
Length: 10 Weeks
Begins: Choose either

a) Wednesday am Sept 9 9:00am-10:30am or

b) Wednesday Sept 9 6:15pm-7:30pm

Cost: $20 for book

What is the Bible’s message? How does it all fit together? In what ways does it speak to women and men hungry for truth in the 21st century?

In Invitation, Dr. Brian D. Russell serves as your guide through the narrative of Scripture: Creation, the Fall of Humanity, the Calling of Israel, the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Sending of the Church, and New Creation. Through 10 chapters divided into five daily readings, Invitation covers the core content of the Bible with an emphasis on God’s mission and the role of God’s people in living as a holy community for the sake of the world.

The goal of the Invitation is not merely information—it seeks the transformation of readers as they encounter the good news of Scripture and realign themselves continually with its powerful truth. In this study, you will:

  • Learn the overarching story of the Bible from Creation to New Creation in ten weeks

  • Study, learn, and live out 50 key truths drawn from the central passages of the Old and New Testament

  • Be transformed to live a missional lifestyle shaped by the way of Jesus

Parenting Through the Phases
Group Leader: Evan Nester
Length: 6 Weeks
Begins: Wednesday, September 9 at 6:15pm


Parents have 936 weeks from the moment their child is born until he or she moves on to what's next. It goes fast, and kids change and grow quickly.

This small group study will help you discover what's changing about your child, the six things they need most, and four conversations it is important to have at each phase of your child's development!

Parents of kids ranging from 0-18 years old are invited to be apart of this journey! Join us for this 6-week study starting September 9th that every parent will benefit from.

Session 1 (September 9th): Start The Countdown
Session 2 (September 16th): Rediscover Your Kid Every Year

Session 3 (September 23rd): Make History One Week At A Time

Session 4 (September 30th): Talk About What Matters
Session 5 (October 7th): Connect Your Kid To A Bigger Story

Session 6 (October 21st): Create A Rhythm In Your Home

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