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Sermon-Based Small Groups: Getting UNstuck

Stuck is not a great place to be. How do we get unstuck spiritually?  As a church on Sunday mornings, we will engage in a nine week study called Getting Unstuck by looking at nine time-tested practices to transform us to be more like Jesus.  


Join one of the following groups for a nine-week study designed to help those go deeper into the messages from Sunday and talk about application.  All that's needed to participate is a willing heart.

Getting Unstuck.jpg


Leader: Danny Lantz
Begins: Sunday, Sept. 24| 10:00am Rm C124


HOME GROUP (Every Other Week)
Leaders: Matt & Hannah Collins
Begins: Wednesday, Sept. 27 | 5:30pm

Leader: Dan & Libby McCammon
Begins: Sunday, Sept. 27 | 10:00am Rm C122

Leader: Eric Good
Begins: Wednesday, August 23 | 10:00am C120


Leader: Ken Cummins
Begins: Wednesday, September 27 | 6:00pm

God's Crime Scene

Join renowned cold-case detective, author and speaker J. Warner Wallace in this compelling eight-session video series. Determine for yourself if everything we see in the universe can be explained solely from causes found within the natural realm or if there is evidence of an outside "intruder"— or rather, God. There is a $10 participant's guide (optional).

Leader: Mike Smith
Begins: Wednesday, September 27 |6:30pm

The Gospel of Mark

Join Pastor Scott for a 12-week study exploring some well-known passages of the Gospel of Mark through the context in which they were written. The goal of this study is to be challenged to move from merely understanding the historical gospel text to being transformed by it in the here and now. This study will use video, Bible and a companion workbook ($15) through Seedbed. 

Leader: Scott Layer
Begins: Wednesday, August 23 |10:00-11:00am


The Gospel of Mark 12 Week Bible Study by Brad Johnson | Central United Methodist Church (Lenoir City, TN)
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