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Find spiritual community and gain a better understanding of Jesus through fellowship, study and prayer this Advent Season.

Bible Studies fo Fall

The Advent Mission

Sundays starting November 28 | 10:00am Rm C120 led by Eric Good
Wednesdays starting December 1 | 10:00am Rm B125 led by Ken Cummins

Sundays starting November 28 | 10:00am on Zoom led by Alex Herron

During last month’s sermon series, Pastor Scott answered the question of why we need the church. Church is meant to be more than just our worship service, it is our community, our family and place where we can grow together in our knowledge and relationship with God. I would like to challenge everyone to find a small group where you can grow in Christ with others.


Starting in-person on November 28 during the Sunday school hour at 10:00am and online on Wednesday, December 1, we will be starting a four-week Advent study called “The Advent Mission.” More information to come.


Sign-up sheets will be available in the Gathering Area as well as on the church website. Let us join together as we remember why we celebrate the season of Christmas. God bless.


Danny Lantz

Grow Lay Leader

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