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Central Conversations

Central Conversations is an opportunity for individuals to come together to discuss and learn about topics directly affecting their life in a Ted-Talk-type format. 


A Way Forward (February 6, February 13, February 20, February 27)

How are we to be the church in a changing culture? How do we live in community with one another and the world? This four-week Central conversation (primarily lead by Pastors Scott and Audrey) is a conversation within our church family talking about culture, sexuality and scripture. Dinner begins at 5:15pm with Conversation to follow at 6:15pm in the Worship Center. Youth are invited to participate. We invite you to come as United Methodists prepare for the General Conference from February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis.


Feb 6 - A Way Forward: Rev. Will Cantrell, General Conference Delegate
Feb 13 - Repentance and Definition of Terms
Feb 20 - Interpreting Scripture
Feb 27 - Where Do We Go From Here?

Weekly Resources
- Week One - (1).png

A Way Forward: Rev. Wil Cantrell, General Conference Delegate (Read)

The Book of Discipline Statements and a Brief History (Read)

4-Minute Prayer (Read)

- Week One - (2).png

Repentance and Definition of Terms (Read)

Week 2 - Discussion Questions (Read)

- Week One - (3).png

Interpreting Scripture (Read)

Week 3 - Discussion Questions (Read)

Methodism 101 (Read)

- Week One -.png

Where Do We Go From Here? (Read)

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