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The Heart of Central – July 25

      1 John 1:9 God is a promise keeper.  He is faithful.  He never fails. The text states if we confess He will forgive and cleanse us.  Take time as you end the week, to be with God – the faithful forgiver.

The Heart of Central – July 24

    Gal 2:20 What would it look like to give yourself so completely to God that when people looked at you they only saw Christ?

The Heart of Central – July 23

    Prov 3:5 Where have you trusted in your own wisdom and failed to listen to God?  Where have you trusted the world’s wisdom above truth?  

The Heart of Central – July 22

    Phil 4:13 Where do you experience defeat?  What battle have you been trapped in repeatedly?  Take a moment today and ask God to give you victory.  

The Heart of Central – July 21

  Acts 18:9-11 Do you feel alone?  Do you struggle with feeling like you have no spiritual support?  God says we have no idea how many others there are.  How can you connect with other believers?